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Samsara Counseling Services for Unplanned Pregnancy is a pro-female service that provides access to comprehensive information on how to deal with unplanned pregnancy. Women and their partners will discuss with counselors about three available options for women with unplanned pregnancy throughout the counseling process. Samsara reaches out to women globally via hotline, LINE chat, WhatsApp and email. Women from various backgrounds both in the big cities or villages can access Samsara Hotline Services regardless of their relationship statuses.

Call Hotline to start counseling on the provided numbers below

0813 2717 1188 | 0857 2900 1188 | 0878 3977 0033 | 0896 7467 7433 |

Monday – Friday Pkl 10.00 – 21.00 WIB

Or send us an email to konseling@samsara.or.id

Regular Workshop

Samsara’s first regular workshop was about breast self-exam where women were taught to self-detect breast cancer as early as possible. It was conducted in 2013 at a household assistants academy. Sustainable strings of workshop was deemed necessary so women will be able to pay better attention to their bodies and reproductive health. The alarming increase of unplanned pregnancy was also one of our concerns for conducting workshops on sexuality for women.  Over the course, regular workshops weren’t exclusively aimed for women only but for men as well.

Samsara has regular programs to conduct workshops in 4 regencies in Yogyakarta (Sleman, bantul, Kulonprogo and Gunung Kidul) 4 times a month. We mainly focus on rural areas that have not been targeted yet by Public Health Service. So far we have conducted 15 workshops in total

Social Media Campaign

Social media campaign is also one of our strategy to disseminate campaign on sexual and reproductive rights. This strategy allows Samsara to conduct a joint campaign both with our local and international networks, ensuring us a solid relationship with fellow organizations within the network despite being located miles away.

Being a device for a strategic campaign and network strengthening aside, social media is also a media for education purposes and to disseminate information towards the public. It is completely necessary for us to execute and carry out our workplan toward the goals which require intensive dissemination as a means of support. Our social media accounts propagate issues about body autonomy, sexual and reproductive health. We currently have a website www.tubuhkuotoritasku.com, as well as a facebook account, Samsara YK, twitter: @samsar4, instagram: samsara.indonesia dan Path: Samsara Yk.


IGLOW was initiated by US Peace.Corps in coordination with Samsara. IGLOW is an abbreviation of Indonesian Girls Leading Our World. IGLOW workshop is organized at various places throughout Java. In 2013 Samsara sent our facilitator to IGLOW Banyuwangi for the first time and now we’re still participating in IGLOW regularly.  This workshop aims to enhance education quality and expand the horizon of senior high and junior high school students. The materials provided in IGLOW cover leadership as well as sexual and reproductive health. We also have workshops aimed for male students called IBROW.

Satellite Workshop

Satellite workshop is an mobile education activity organized outside Java and Bali or rural areas conducted by moving from one rural area to another. This workshop serves to educate the public especially women living in rural areas about sexual and reproductive health, body image and healthy relationship. It was initiated in 2010 at Bali, Lombok and Flores as the focus. Our focus was expanded to Sulawesi at the end of 2013 starting from North Sulawesi to South Sulawesi.


SSKR was initially a discussion group called Sexuality and Reproductive Health School (SRHS) founded by Inna Hudaya and Talcon, an American woman which was later widened into the SSKR. At the beginning SRHS was scheduled every Saturday with the general public as participants and they were being creative with their workshop through unique demonstration. SSKR was unique for their focal point on basic issues:  They opted for body autonomy enhancements. Body autonomy enhancements encourage every participant to choose their own methods of body care especially when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health.  It also provides a better understanding of a lot of people about their bodies and information on options that are not covered well in the mainstream media.

Merapi Response

During Merapi eruption in 2010 Samsara together with Handicap International launched DVFP (Disability Vulnerable and Focal Point) project. This project was aimed towards individuals with different abilities and women with specific needs from October to December 2010.

Within those 3 months, Samsara organized and identified disabilities and vulnerable focal points for Merapi victims including women affected by the eruption. It provides shelter and rights fulfillment for the vulnerable community using different ability, sexuality, and gender perspective to approach them.

It’s My Circle

It’s My Circle was derived from Os, or labia philosophy. The ideal is to acknowledge women as the owners of their bodies specifically uterus to be the sole decision makers for their bodies. This is especially important since in reality women’s bodies and sexuality are restricted by the state, religion and culture. It’s My Circle is a campaign to claim women’s reproductive rights such as the rights to determine when, if ever, and who they want to have relationships as well as deciding if they want to have children and the timing.