Samsara’s advocacy team identify opportunities for the organization to engage on key human rights issues linked to safe and legal abortion.

and harm reduction approach for unsafe abortion at regional, national and international levels.

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To link and network with regional, national and international SRHR alliances and take an active participation in campaigning for sexual and reproductive justice in Indonesia.


  • Participated in the 2nd Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network (PINSAN) International Exchange on August 16-18, in Manila, Philippines. Participants from Ireland, Poland, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, USA, Indonesia, and Philippines attended the exchange and shared experiences in advancing women’s rights.
  • Joining Save All Women and Girls (SAWG), a national network consisting of organizations and individuals to guarantee women’s SRHR, especially safe abortion.
  • Participating in a global campaign by organizing 28 September Campaign in Indonesia.
  • Conducting training about medical abortion for midwives in rural areas in Indonesia.

Recent Activity

What's Up on September 28th?

September 28 has been a regional campaign for the decriminalization of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean for more than twenty years before it was taken by SRHR activists around the world in 2011.
Women Global Networks for Reproductive Right (WGNRR): conducts an annual campaign on 28 September working with its members, partners, and allies around the world, and as members of the International Campaign for the Rights of Women to access safe abortion.

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