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Samsara aims to improve women’s sexual and reproductive health and promoting bodily integrity and autonomy.

Research Collaboration

We open for a collaboration for those who want to do a research on sexual and reproductive health issues.

Creative Media

Strategic program to disseminate information and campaigning on sexual and reproductive rights.


Networking with alliance and take an active participation in campaigning for sexual and reproductive justice in Indonesia.


Samsara Hotline provides access to comprehensive information on how to deal with unplanned pregnancy.

Another Programs

Designed for you

Samsara has other interesting programs that are always developed.
Mobile App
The future is digital. Samsara developing mobile health app for sexual and reproductive health.
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Online Course
Conduct online trainings to increase awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues.
let’s work
Samsara Internship is to offer practical work experience to people who are interested in SRHR and safe abortion field.
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From our friends

"I have a strong passion in the women movement in Indonesia. I hope to continue taking part in this activism and fight for reproductive justice and rights with Samsara."
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Tirziah Jessica
"We can not achieve equality without women’s bodily integrity and autonomy.”
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Inna Hudaya
"Growing and developing with Samsara to provide reproductive health and sexuality education."
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Neny Sembiring


Keep in touch

Getting to know us more through our works, together we fight for sexual and reproductive health rights.

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