Samsara is a feminist organization that supports and fight for women’s rights, especially on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information and access to safe abortion in Indonesia. Samsara provides internship opportunities for under and or graduate student who are interested in doing an internship in Indonesia. Samsara purpose of the internship  is to offer practical work experience in a particular occupation to people who are interested in SRHR and safe abortion field.

Internship Definition:

Samsara internship program is a program that allows an individual to work within Samsara’s program and supervision in order to provide the individual a process to gain relevant professional experience. Well managed, high-quality internships should be beneficial to both employer and intern.

Purpose, Requirements, and Submission :

The primary purpose of the internship requirement at Samsara including and not limited to:

    • To provide experiential learning with the local organization. Interns will gain vital skills and experience that they will be able to use throughout their professional career. Through these experiences, interns sample potential specialties, explore workplace culture, and gain the experience necessary to build a marketable résumé. Interning allows interns the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-life situation and to develop professional experience in a structured, nurturing environment.
  • Cultural exchange and develop mutual understanding among different culture and or countries. The interaction among interns, organization staff, and beneficiaries expected to widen the perspective of both cultures and deepen the understanding of cultural diversity.


    • Undergraduate or graduate student in a variety of disciplines and with various levels of work experience.
    • The internship must last a minimum of six weeks, 20 hours per week.
    • The internship must be of significant practical skills
  • At the end of the internship, the supervisor will be asked to complete the Internship Evaluation Form and meet with the intern to discuss his or her performance. Should your institution choose to use its own evaluating form, please send a completed copy of it to your Supervisor in the beginning of the internship program.

Solicitation provision of Internship submission :

    1. Internship requests submitted to and must contains an introduction, letter of interest and CV.
    2. Samsara will inform the intern’s candidate on the availability of the position for an internship.
    3. Samsara will conduct a preliminary interview with the intern’s candidate to discuss roles and job desk regarding the intern’s position.

Administration and Internship Contract

Once interview conducted and both Samsara and the candidate agreed upon the position and job desk available, intern expected to follow these steps :

    1. Interns must fill in internship form here and submit their CV.
    2. Internship forms to be completed by supervisor.
    3. Interns and administrator conduct a meeting to discuss on Samsara’s Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) and sign the internship contract.

Location, Communication, Working Hours and Time:

    • Regular location for work of the intern is in Bantul, Yogyakarta. An intern might work anywhere outside the office (casual work) with 2 compulsory days to check-in at the office
    • For communication purpose, intern expected to install Google Hangouts for daily coordination and join Samsara mailing list for regular updates.
    • The working hours and days are flexible throughout the week and expected to complete minimum 20 hours per week. The consequences of this flexibility required high responsibility to maintain communication through email and chat for daily coordination.
  • The public holiday will be considered as non-working days if approved by Samsara.

Supervision, Internship Monitoring, and Report:

  • Interns must be professionally supervised, and receive ongoing direction, oversight, and feedback from Samsara staff with expertise in the field.
  • Supervisor for the Intern is the immediate supervisor or program coordinator/manager.
  • The Employer and the Intern will meet on weekly basis for internship monitoring. Supervisors work with interns to establish clear learning objectives for the internship and provide opportunities for interns to work toward achieving their objectives.
  • Interns should be exposed to the “big picture” of how the organization operates.
  • The Intern will prepare a final report as agreed on between Supervisor and the Intern, or between Samsara and the institution of the intern.